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Road Transport

Our sister company Rix Petroleum is the largest business within the JR Rix & Sons group of companies.

Rix Petroleum distributes millions of litres of fuel to businesses and homes in the UK through its network of fuel depots located throughout Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Mercia, Midlands, North East, East Anglia and Essex. Rix Petroleum also has three fuel depots sited on the East Coast of Scotland, in Grangemouth, Aberdeen and Montrose.

For more than 80 years, Rix Petroleum has taken great pride in providing its customers with a fast, flexible and above all competitive service, focussed on locally based sales and customer service staff.

Operating a fleet of rigid and artic fuel tankers, Rix Petroleum delivers Gas Oil, Diesel, Petrol and Heating Oil to a number of markets including; Commercial, Marine, Industrial, Agricultural, Haulage and Domestic.

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Maritime Bunkering offers the supply of marine products in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

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Maritime Bunkering can supply inland and marine fuels through our fleet of road fuel tankers, estuarial barges and sea tankers. Find out more about how we can help your business.

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Fuel Grades

Maritime Bunkering can supply high quality Marine Gas Oil (MGO), Fuel Oil and Lubricant Oil.

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