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Sea Transport

Sea Transport

The Rix maritime tradition continues to this day with a fleet of 4 coastal tankers and 3 estuarial barges

Our sister company Rix Shipping provides the bunkering division with major oil company approved modern, double hulled coastal and estuarial barges of various sizes. Visit our fleet list for more details.

The Rix Shipping team includes technical engineers providing advice and support 365 days a year.

Find out more about our fleet by clicking here.



Maritime Bunkering offers the supply of marine products in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

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Maritime Bunkering can supply inland and marine fuels through our fleet of road fuel tankers, estuarial barges and sea tankers. Find out more about how we can help your business.

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Fuel Grades

Maritime Bunkering can supply high quality Marine Gas Oil (MGO), Fuel Oil and Lubricant Oil.

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